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When arriving at the ceremony there will be a special set up for our guest book. When coming through the lobby down the hall to the walk way down to our location you will find that we have special attendants helping us with our guest book (as well as many other things throughout the day) these ladies are going to be helping us get your picture, kind words and signature into our scrapbook style guest book. We will have someone who will be taking your picture for you to take down the stairs to where the other helper will be. You will give the other helper your picture and she will place it in the book and show you where to write. After you are done signing the guest book an usher will be waiting to escort you to the ceremony location.

Pic Removed
Pic Removed

In the meantime, we would love it if you would take the time to jot down your thoughts and feelings here as well!

Love Donelle and Mike

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