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Of course what would our wedding website be without pictures of our adorable fur-babies? Hehe. Well, this is something that Donelle couldn't do without. It's taken some time to get Mike acclimated to the cats, but now we are all one happy family. I think at times the cats like him better than me. More Cyrus than Roxy. Roxy is still my little girl and always will be. But Cyrus is daddy's little boy. The second Mike walks in the door, Cyrus comes straight up to him like a dog and wants attention. He follows him around the house walking like a little tough guy looking up at Mike. It's SO cute!



Roxy is my 15 year old baby girl! Wow! 15 years...she's still as vibrant and energetic as she was when she was 5. Cyrus is my one and a half year old rescue cat. He was going to be out of a home and I just couldn't sit by and watch the little guy have nowhere to go or worse to the pound. The minute I met him, his adorable little sweet face just swept me off my feet and hours later, I was driving back to San Diego with him. Hoping that Princess Roxy wouldn't hate me forever. Well, she did hate me for a little while because Cyrus just knows how to pick on her. She's gotten used to his annoying little butt around the house and shows him what's up once in a while, letting him know she means business and wants to be left alone. I could go on for hours about these cats, but I won't! I just wanted to post a little bit about the two that fill up my life with the nurturing need that I have!


Our pomeranian, Noa (which means Freedom in Hawaiian). He is quite the chore, but SO cute!! He is 3 1/2 pounds and probably won't grow to more than 4 pounds. His birthday is November 19, 2005. He is our baby training for preparation of the future when it is time for kids.