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Family Baby Shower BBQ - Luau Style - June 28, 2008
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We had our family baby shower bbq and it was a great event. We posted a blog about it at http://blog.donelleandmike.com if anyone didn't read it and wants to. Check it out! Here are all the pictures we had taken and gathered from the event.
Friend Baby Shower in Carlsbad - June 8, 2008
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A few friends of mine and I had decided to put together a baby shower here at our house since we were doing a family baby shower up in OC. They wanted to put something together so we could get together and celebrate the baby coming as well. It was a great day and lots of fun to get together with friends since life gets so busy and we often don't have the time to see each other as often anymore.
Our April Trip to Hawaii - April 7-15, 2008
Hawaii 0408
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Our last vacation before the baby is here has come and gone. It was pretty mellow, the weather was yucky a bit of the time but for the most part we got some good beach time in and "us" time before we become three of us. Jammer's parents were there as well as his cousin and her family for a portion of the time.
Pregnancy Pictures by Ashley Perry- March 30, 2008 - 25 Weeks
Pregnancy Pictures
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Our good friend Ashley Perry is starting up a photography business and asked if we would be her guinea pigs and take some pregnancy photos at the beach. Of course we said yes and are so glad we did, here are some of the pregancy pictures that we took. Hope you enjoy them! To view all images clearly after opening the photo album link press F11 on your computer to expand the window and see all pictures clearly.
Easter 2008 - March 23, 2008
Easter 2008
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We had a great Easter Sunday. The weather was nice and the easter eggs were well hidden. The Anderson's, Carrillo's and Gustafson's got together at the Gustafson Household. I made a photo slideshow of the pictures from that day. Enjoy!
Our February Trip to Hawaii - February 19 - 26, 2008
Hawaii 0208
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Since the baby is coming in the end of July, we thought we would get some "us" trips in before he comes. Donelle's sister Ashley came along for this trip and we all had a great time. We have one other trip in April that we go back to Hawaii, just one more time before he comes.
Donelle & Mike's Trip to Hawaii - April 25-May 2nd, 2007
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We had an awesome trip to Hawaii. We stayed on Oahu with Jammer's Grandparents who took great care of us. We created a photo album for you all to enjoy, hope you like it!
Donelle & Mike's Honeymoon in Fiji - August 2005
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So we are back from our amazing honeymoon in Fiji. Here are the pictures we took from our trip. Hope you enjoy!!
Donelle & Mike's Wedding - August 13, 2005
Professional Pictures and Black & White Traditional Film
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Last but definitely not least! Here are the last bundle of the professional pictures as well as some black and white traditional film pictures done by the photographer that I scanned for your viewing.
Donelle & Mike's Wedding - August 13, 2005
Professional Pictures, Disposables and some regular film

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Here are some pictures from our photographer, Uncle John.  As well as some scanned pictures that we got from the disposable cameras and Uncle John's traditional color film shots.
Donelle & Mike's Wedding Cont'd - August 13, 2005
More Pictures from Friends and Family
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Here are some more pictures from the wedding, these also include rehearsal and rehearsal dinner pictures as well as pre-ceremony pictures.
Donelle & Mike's Wedding - August 13, 2005
Pictures from Friends and Family
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These are some pictures, compliments of our friends that were so diligent to get them back to us as quickly as they could.  Some funny pictures included, I didn't discriminate, I just let it all out for all to see.  HAHA!  Thanks again to everyone for sending us your pictures, for those of you that haven't sent some over, we would love to see them, so send them our way. The professional pictures should be posted shortly!!
Donelle's Bridal Shower - July 17, 2005
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This took place at Donelle's parents house, given by her bridesmaids and Mom. It turned out wonderfully, from the personalized pens to the apron everyone signed on. Memorable Events!
Our Engagement Photo Shoot - June 16, 2005
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This took place in Dana Point by our photographer. He took some engagement pictures of us. One of these photos will be presented at the wedding for all to sign around the mat board.
Our First Photo Shoot - February 27, 2005
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This is a little photo album of our first photo shoot in preparation for our professional engagement photo shoot, that isn't to come until June 16th.
Our Engagement Party - February 5, 2005
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Mike and I had a great time at our engagement party and wanted to thank all that showed up for it. As you can see from the photos, that I think our guests had a great time as well.
The Proposal - December 25, 2004
The Proposal
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This was an absolutely surprising and amazing day! For the proposal story, go to our proposal page.